Do you have a summer program?

Christ Church usually operates a “Music, Art, & Soul Academy” led by Teacher Cara in the summers. Several Mon-Thurs sessions are offered. It has been canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Learn more – contact or 650-851-0224.

Do children need to be potty trained?

Children in the Parent/Child do not need to be potty trained, but we do encourage children to use the potty when ready. We require that children be potty trained in our 2s/3s/4s and Pre-K programs. However, we understand that potty training is a process and will support children with this process.

What is your discipline policy?

Carillon is committed to a “positive discipline” policy. Positive discipline encourages self-respect, self-discipline, cooperation, and problem solving skills. We encourage problem solving by using words.

Where do Carillon students attend Kindergarten?

While the majority of Carillon students attend Ormondale, Carillon students also attend public and private kindergartens in Redwood City, Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Woodside. Every year we have students accepted to a number of private schools, including Sacred Heart, Phillips Brooks and Nativity.

What is your policy for birthdays and holiday parties?

Birthdays are special days for children. Parents are invited to bring a healthy treat to share at snack time and may also join us at the end of the day to read their child’s favorite book. Parents are encouraged to gift a book to the school in honor of their child’s birthday.

Thanksgiving Family Potluck, Christmas Sing-a-Long, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day celebrations include families and caregivers. Other holiday parties are generally class-only celebrations.

What if my child has allergies?

If your child has an allergy, Carillon staff will work with you to comply with your child’s medical plan.

Our school is a nut free environment.

Are there volunteering opportunities for parents and caregivers? 

Volunteering opportunities for parents and caregivers are available during class parties, field trips, cooking, and special projects.

Are parents required to volunteer?

Carillon recognizes that families are very busy and has no volunteering requirement.

What is Lunch Bunch?

Lunch Bunch is an optional after school lunch program for Honeybees. Lunch- Bunchers enjoy eating lunch and playing together as a group between 12-1pm.

Parents may sign their child up for Lunch Bunch each day at drop-off and provide their child’s lunch. The cost is $15.00 a day. Families are invoiced for Lunch Bunch at the end of each month.

What do the children do at Chapel?

As an Episcopal school, Carillon has a tradition of participating in Chapel. Chapel is lead by the Rector of Christ Church or the Youth and Family Director, and is held once a week.

The children gather in the Church to listen to stories, sing songs, and discuss a variety of religious traditions. They learn the ritual of going to chapel which includes ringing a bell and lighting a candle.

There is no religious instruction in the classroom. Our school celebrates the diverse religious backgrounds of all of our families.

What if my child just missed the age cutoff?

At the discretion of the Director and staff, Carillon School can accept children who just missed the age cutoff.  If parents feel their child is developmentally ready for our program, an assessment will be required.