Carillon offers a play-based curriculum that balances creative expression and academic readiness. The Carillon learning environment is further enhanced by incorporating two formal programs:

  • Zoo-Phonics
  • Handwriting Without Tears.


A fun program that engages all the forms of learning—kinesthetic, auditory, and visual—to introduce children to phonics and early reading.

Handwriting Without Tears

An age-appropriate system that makes writing tangible by breaking letters into basic shapes using wood pieces, magnetic stamps, play dough, and chalk.


Our curriculum is further enriched through weekly cooking projects, science, chapel, yoga, and music.

Our classroom extends outside to the shed (which is filled with bikes and balls), our outdoor playhouse, our set of “Imagination Playground” giant blue blocks, and our large garden.

Our curriculum is structured around monthly thematic units. Art projects are open ended.

Our Classrooms

We build classroom community through Helping Hands – a weekly responsibility for each child that includes jobs such as setting napkins on the table for snack, ringing the bell for cleanup, or lighting the candle during chapel.

Small classes typically average twelve students to help children gain the self-regulation skills required for kindergarten.